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A Tribute to New Orleans

Kenny Sara

A Tribute To New Orleans

I intentinally waited to listen to "A Tribute To New Orleans" until I was in the company of my two Aunts that grew up in New Orleans and one has relocated from New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina. I wanted to get feed back from them and wanted to live through their memories of New
Kenny Sara

Funky, fun, heartfelt & sentimental tribute to N'Orleans after Katrina.

I could easily write a long-winded essay about this CD, but I will try to keep it short! This is a heartfelt tribute to New Orleans, the hometown of Kenny Sara & the Sounds of New Orleans. After the Katrina disaster, emotions were running high and low all across the country, and this CD reflects that. Here are just a few highlights from the aAlbum:
Track 1, "Going Back to New Orleans": A Swing number, with a Jazz horn arrangement reminiscent of Duke Ellington's Orchestra. Lee Thornton'sTrumpet solo reminds me of Tricky Sam Nanton, Duke's trombone player. Nanton's patented "Ya Ya" technique has drastically influenced horn players of all kinds for almost a century.
Track 6, "In the Night". This is a funky New Orleans march. I've never been to New Orleans, but listening to this, I could imagine walking down the French Quarter, with girls dancing on the balconies. Just hope I brought enough beads!
Track 7, "Congo Square (Meeting Good Spirits)"L This is written by Kenny, and sounds like a traditional African drum chant. Great vocal harmony textures on this one. There is a lot of history behind Congo Square, and what it meant to the african slaves brought here against their will. It was a place where they could express their culture and music in the face of oppression.
Track 10, "What the Women do when the women do": This is a funky dancable number, with a distinctive new orleans flavor. (With a little bit of James Brown thrown in there too!.) Sax player Woody Woodford sings lead on this, and with his surprisingly deep gruff voice, sounds like he grew to football player proportions just for this song! Speaking of which, being an old San Diego Chargers fan, I always like to give New Orleans' Saints' Fans a hard time: First you guys stole my kicker (John Carney) and now my Quarterback (Drew Brees)! Seriously though, I couldn't be happier for Saints fans and New Orleans. They deserve it!
Track 12, "Funky Leprechaun" This is a cool Jazz instrumental. A leprechaun definitely would not be dancing an Irish jig to this one. Little Shamus would have learn something a lot more funky if he wanted to groove to this one! Very fun and cool.
Track 13, "Sleepy Time down south". The CDd closes with a sentimental homesick jazz ballad, dedicated to Kenny's home, "down south". Kenny uses the brushes on this one to get that subdues effect, and sings with a sweet hushed voice.


Bootin Up New Orleans Style

Kenny Sara
well,well, welll,, all da way n'awlins, great rump shakin, finger poppin, sara s
great musical style presented from this new orleans, entertainer. jazzy upbeat will make anyone want to second line or shake to their own groove!!!!!
Kenny Sara

One of the best New Orleans music we´ve hear last time

One of the best New Orleans music we´ve hear last time.
Highly recommended for music lovers!


Bourbon Street Blues Band

Kenny Sara

Music for the heart and soul!

If you like the blues or just fun loving music, you gonna love this CD. Kenny and his crew aim to please, and they hit their mark. Love it!!!
Kenny Sara

Rockin & Rollin

The title of this CD says it all "Rockin & Rollin". Picture this...three generations from New Orleans, at a gathering of the matriarch of the family’s house and “Rockin & Rollin” playing in the background while sipping our version of a Hurricane drink. It doesn’t get any better than that. We all enjoyed going back
Kenny Sara

The "Mr. Picasso" of Music!

Once again, Mr. Sara has produced another fine, quality musical work. Much can be said about Mr. Sara as a producer, director, writer, and musician but I think one word sums it up – consistency! His ability to produce consistent creative, entertaining, and quality music is just amazing! Time after time I am sure to expect nothing less than pure, creative, craftsmanship. His band has captivated audiences from all over the world. With their professionalism and longevity, this makes for a successful journey in producing quality, enjoyable music. Mr. Sara’s approach to the music has such a heartfelt passion and drive that commands his audience to partake of the same excitement. In other words, one could not sit in the presence of Mr. Sara and his band and not feel a part of the musical journey! Take for instance Island Blues, after a long hard day’s work, or a stressful day, Island Blues will take you on a journey where you can relax, let your mind soar, and drift with the cool ocean breezes on your own tropical island. What an end to a long hard day!
On another track, Long Hard Road, Mr. Sara connects with his audience by telling a story of one who experiences the “Long Hard Road” in life. It is bluesy, yet swinging, with a driving rhythmic force that mimics the “Long Hard Road” type of life. The constant smack on the snare drum (beats 2 and 4) seems to characterize that same constant “beating” that one sustains in life while trying to get back on their feet on the road to success. This he vocalizes as he tells the story. Interestingly, while the organ and background vocals add that “churchy” sermon feel in the background, Mr. Sara sums it up that faith and hope will help you get through. Do you hear the connection? A creative work indeed!
Mr. Sara has managed to put together another successful project. With his craftsmanship, creativity, hand-selected members, and professionalism, it all comes together like a beautiful work of art! I wouldn’t hesitate to call him the “Mr. Picasso” of music!


Just for You

Kenny Sara

Extreme !!!!

This entire cd is soooo extreme ! This is the only way to describe the passion, the love and the experiences that I hear in each tune. Each song has a message and each song allows me to "feel it" both in his way and in my own way. I can invision through the lyrics exactly what is being experienced.. All I can say is.....Extremely Excellent..jump on this people, you will love it !!!


New Orleans in Me

Kenny Sara


OUTSTANDING!!! You just keep getting better, Kenny. The New Orleans influences are as evident as always in your sound, however the maturity in which you convey these roots is what turned me on in this effort. THIS CD MAKES MY FAVORITE'S PLAYLIST. Thank you for bringing the joy, the blues and perserving the culture of the people..KEEP IT COMIN'
Kenny Sara

Like a trip to N.O.

First of all let me say that if you want to hear something that will compel you to get up and move around the room put this cd on.The groove on Mozartin' gets me going everytime that I hear it,and I don't dance!Other highlights for me include Kenny's singing on CC Rider,the brass band and the writing featured on Buck Jumpin,the 8th track which is called New Orleans and is really a beautiful tune,and the James black waltz New Arrival.The whole cd is just so evocative of New Orleans.Thanks Kenny
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